Why Good Skincare

Good Skincare founder and Chief Creative Officer Ekam Bajwa’s outspoken goal has always been to share rare and untouched natural elements that have the power to promote not only healthy skin, but total-body wellness. Costa Rica is renowned for their mineral-rich and revitalizing properties, from thermal waters to volcanic springs. Good Skincare’s mission is to produce a range of products using this biotechnology to unlock your skin’s full potential.

Backed by Science

Costa Rica’s topography provides naturally-occurring and replenishing minerals to the earth’s surface like no other location in the world. Learn how Good Skincare harnesses these properties.

Ekam Bajwa & Daniel Hahn Founders of Good Skincare

Meet The Founders

Meet Ekam Bajwa and her husband, Daniel Hahn, founders of Good Skincare, and discover the science behind her passion to provide wellness through her skincare products.

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Woman with Blue Sapphire Firming Concentrate

Take Care of Your Skin

When it comes to revitalizing your skin, our experts recommend the Good Method to achieve a natural radiance.

Colorful Bird Flying through Costa Rican canopy

The journey of Good Skincare reflects our ongoing commitment to total body, mind, and spiritual wellness. Costa Rica inspires infinite curiosity and limitless innovation, qualities which make up our core values. Starting with our revolutionary proprietary green arabica coffee bean species, to our highly innovative blue sapphire biomimetic peptides, we are always pushing the boundaries and seeking the latest scientific advances.

Good SkinCare Product Rejuvenating Broth

Rejuvenating Broth

The cornerstone of Good Skincare’s lineup, the Rejuvenating Broth works as a foundation to healthy skin.

Good SkinCare Product Recovery Cleanser

Blue Sapphire Recovery Cleanser

Our luxurious Blue Sapphire Recovery Cleanser detoxifies your skin, recovering its natural beauty.

Good SkinCare Product Firming Concentrate

Blue Sapphire Firming Concentrate

Promotes the elongation of your skin’s life by providing better elasticity and firmness, creating a youthful appearance.