Ekam Bajwa & Daniel Hahn Founders of Good Skincare

Meet Our FounderS

The Beginning of Something New

In 2018, Ekam Bajwa and her husband, Daniel Hahn, founded Good Skincare to extend their passion for healthful, clean living to focus on the body’s largest and most visible organ. “Our skin is exposed to more damaging elements than any other organ,” Ekam explains. “And it is one of our most outward signs of health. It needs additional protection, healing and care.” Together with The Good Lab, Ekam and Daniel have created one of the most innovative lines of skincare, sourced from one of the world’s most untouched and mineral-rich countries.

Good Skincare Product Rejuvenating Broth on Purple Background

The Power of Healing

The secret to Good Skincare is a balanced blend of real ingredients, combined with a consistent and effective regimen. Good Skincare’s holistic approach incorporates Costa Rican elements in all of its products, unlocking the benefits of the earth. Costa Rica’s volcanic soil and mineral-rich thermal waters provide rare and precious healing properties for your skin. “Starting with our revolutionary proprietary arabica coffee bean formula to our highly innovative blue sapphire biomimetic peptides,” Ekam says, “we are relentlessly and passionately open-minded in our mission to create outstanding, highly effective formulas and revolutionary beauty experiences for all skin types.”

Unlocking the Perfect You

Working with our world-renowned Costa Rican lab, Good Skincare’s goal was to create a product that is inclusive of all skin types. “We created our healing broth, a key ingredient in most Good Skincare products, to harness the healing properties of Costa Rica,” Ekam says. “The goal is to unlock your skin’s natural radiance with rich minerals to keep your skin rejuvenated and glowing.”

Finding true skin health and beauty is a part of Ekam’s own personal journey. She earnestly believes everyone has their own skin story to tell, herself included: “Skin is something I have struggled with since my early teens. I have raided the shelves of drugstores, specialty stores, department stores—you name it. From acne to psoriasis, I am still trying to figure it all out. Working tirelessly with our lab, I truly believe we have cultivated the best skin products to unlock a new, healthy you. We’ve created products that will have your skin looking luminous and beautiful on the outside, due to a radiant transformation towards complete health and wellness on the inside.”

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